21/06/2019 · Tor is not designed to handle this data efficiently; Tor may leak your IP address; The Tor Project has a thorough (although somewhat dated) explanation of why this is not wise. Best official Kickass Torrents (KAT) alternatives. Contrary to popular belief, you can torrent legally through a handful of different torrent sites. The following

KickAss Torrents n’est pas encore totalement mort et nous venons d’en avoir la preuve. IsoHunt a en effet lancé hier soir un clone du service, un clone hébergé sur un de ses serveurs. KAT This is the old main: Kickass Hydra, kickasshydra.dev that you already know, this version of KAT: Kickass Torrents can avoid Geo-blocking as the new one too! KickassTorrents has been blocked in India. 03/04/2012 19/06/2017

BitTorrent Hydra: Anonymous Hidden Tracker Via Tor | TorrentFreak Article from '09, but might still be alive.

KickAss Torrents was leading torrent website that commenced its operations in the year 2008. It became popular over time and even outperformed TPB. KAT went offline in 2016 and now people are left Jun 30, 2020 Fortunately, there are many other torrenting sites that are reliable alternatives to KAT. When one torrent site gets shut down or blocked, there are  Apr 29, 2010 Tor can't keep you safe if your applications leak your identity. I think that it could be cool to have a new bit-torrent application made to work 

Jul 22, 2016 Especially when he had anonymous VPN ads all over his site warning people how dangerous it can be to use torrents unmasked. It's almost like 

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